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SMM Weekly Update July 10th

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Weekly Update: July 10, 2017


Hope everyone had a great 4th of July and took the opportunity to thank the veterans and service people in your life for all they do for us.

Also take a minutes to thank God, your lucky stars or whoever you pray to for the good fortune of having been born or somehow ended up in the United States.

I just spent a few days in Guatemala visiting one of my daughters who is an elementary school principal there and we travelled around a bit. According to the World Bank in 2015 approximately 8 million people and growing out of 16 million population are at or below the poverty level of a whopping $1.90 per day in income. Sure some basic foodstuffs and clothing are maybe 50% cheaper than they are in the US, but that for sure doesn’t include gas, appliances and many other things that we take for granted that are the same or more expensive. Anybody here tried to live on say $4.00 a day lately.

Well as you’d expect the housing (sticks with a sheet of tin), sanitary conditions (sewer running down the streets and garbage piled high invested with rats are a common site.

There are no easy fixes and throwing money at it won’t make it go away. 100+ years of rampant political corruption and neglect by politicians and you end up with a very small number of people who are quite wealthy and a huge number of have-nots or better put have-nothings.

Be a great thing if we could transport every American to one of the hundreds of countries where millions live under these conditions. It would be a game changer in terms of attitude.

Again, be humble and thankful…….

SMM Update-

Our new partners on the Social Media side are making headway.  Our social media exposure is already getting traction and a lot of new eyeballs. Look for more from us shortly on our twitter and facebook pages.

SMM Global Twitter Acct

SMM Global Facebook Page


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Latest Happenings

7-3-17 Oil prices continue to head down in the face of destabilization in Middle Eastern relationships between Qatar and Saudia Arabia et al.

I always thought George Bush would be treated more kindly by history than he was while in office. No matter what you think of the guy he was dealt some pretty ugly cards. The biggest being 9-11 shortly after being elected.

I also believe that he and Cheney understood that the undoing of Saddam Hussein would also be the beginning of the end of OPEC. Those are the oil bandits that we put in business and sent trillions of dollars to so they could arm and threaten us and they’re neighbors.  In 2000 OPEC controlled 40% of the world’s oil supplies and some 80% of total reserves. How our politicians ever let us be held hostage by guys like Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad etc is a mystery!

Here are a few quotes from GW during the Oct 2000 presidential debate.

BUSH: We need an active exploration program in America. The only way to become less dependent on foreign sources of crude oil is to explore at home. And you bet I want to open up a small part of Alaska because when that field is online, it will produce a million barrels a day. Today we import a million barrels from Saddam Hussein. I would rather that a million come from our own hemisphere, our own country, as opposed from Saddam Hussein.

Q: What is your energy policy?

BUSH: I want to build pipelines to move natural gas. I want to develop coal resources. It’s an issue I know a lot about. I was a small oil person for a while. This is an administration that’s had no plan. And now, the results of having no plan have caught up with America. We’ve got abundant supplies of energy here, and we better start exploring it. There’s an interesting issue up in the Northwest, as well. And that is whether or not we remove dams that produce hydroelectric energy. I’m against removing dams in the Northwest.

Q: What would you do to promote the use of cleaner energy?

A: I would remove federal impediments, such as unclear jurisdiction over who is responsible for grid reliability, to help states be able to deregulate their electric industries effectively. This way states’ green power can be identified and rewarded. As governor, I presided over an electric deregulation bill that brings competition to Texas residents, makes mandatory emissions reductions from older power plants, and calls for 2,000 megawatts of new renewable energy by 2009, making Texas the largest market for renewable energy in the country. The Environmental Defense Fund calls this Texas law ‘the strongest in the nation.“‘

From CNN June 20-17

The U.S. oil boom will keep piling on the pain for OPEC well into next year.

Leading players such as Saudi Arabia and Russia have pledged to do "whatever it takes" to stabilize the market, and the oil revenues their economies depend on.

But those efforts have been blunted by a massive boom in production by U.S. shale operators, who have become much more efficient. The IEA expects U.S. crude production to grow by 780,000 barrels per day next year.

"'Whatever it takes' might be the mantra, but the current form of 'whatever' is not having as quick an impact as expected," the IEA said.

"Not only are [U.S.] producers increasing spending more sharply than initially thought, the pace and duration of new rig additions and drilling activity has exceeded all expectations," it added.

Sounds to me like (our friends) at OPEC are on the run. They live on oil. They cut production- they cut their own revenue. Let prices fall and revenue falls.

Sooner or later you’ll read headlines that praise the foresight of GW for leading the charge that broke the back of OPEC and resulted in what may be the largest economic driver of US wealth we have ever known while upending the cash flow that funds our enemies. 


Investment Banking

Last month we added a new Investment Banking Partner Section where companies can reference different investment banks and see what their particular expertise is.

The first company we are profiling is GVC Capital based in Denver Colorado. We have known the principals there for many years and are pleased to be able to host their information.

Since adding GVC there have been a two banking deals referred to GVC. Not a bad start!

About GVC Capital

GVC Capital LLC is an innovative investment banking firm headquartered in the Denver suburb of Greenwood Village, Colorado. GVC focuses primarily on providing comprehensive investment banking services to underexposed and undervalued microcap companies. Over the past fifteen years, GVC has assisted emerging growth companies in raising in excess of $600 million in over 100 transactions.

GVC Capital’s sweet spot is executing PIPE transactions. We have recently completed 3 PIPE offerings. A $10M convertible note with warrants for PetroShare, symbol PRHR,

Read More



Reg A Update

From our friends at Reg A Money

Great interview with Robotics Maker CEO Paul Gudonis Explains How Myomo Turned Regulation A+ into a NYSE Listing

Click Here for Podcast 

As the demand and new companies come on to get through and during registration we have been approached by several issuers to list and distribute news on Reg A and 506(c) offerings. To that end we have set up a new section on our website for that purpose.


Check for new listings under the Public Offering Menu Item:


Current Listings:

Reg A

Sanz Solutions, Inc.
Sanz Solutions offers shared service solutions for companies specializing in small businesses that provide routine services for residential and commercial clients specifically tailored to the janitorial, cleaning, lawn care and maintenance industries.
Miami Lakes, Florida - April 19, 2017 – Sanz Solutions, Inc. (Sanz) announced today it has launched its Regulation A+ Tier II Offering online at   Read More


Myomo, Inc.

TriPoint Global Equities is pleased to announce our latest transaction (   Myomo, Inc. seeks to raise up to $15 million under Regulation A+ of the JOBS Act and then, in succession and subject to New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) requirements, be listed on the NYSE MKT under the ticker “MYO”.  Read More


Reg D 506(c)

Endurance Exploration Group, Inc.

Endurance Exploration Group, LLC was formed in 2009 to research and develop feasibility methodologies to identify, acquire clear title to and ultimately salvage the cargos of shipwrecks.    The Company’s most imminent project previously nicknamed “Sailfish” is (was) a side-wheeled steamship called the “Connaught”.  The Connaught, which EXPL located in 2014, was lost in 1860 after encountering rough waters and catching fire en route from Great Britain to the United States. In July 2015, US Federal Courts granted EXPL exclusive salvage rights to the Connaught but by that time the salvage season/window was well under way.

This is a 506(c) offering of up to $3,750,000 (15,000,000 restricted shares) of its common stock at $0.25 per share. Read More


Zero E Technologies, LLC.

Zero E is a pre-revenue company that has developed the ZEUS Motor™ (10 to 30 HP) that is: 1) the most efficient general purpose industrial electric motor ever developed, 2) the smallest, 3) the most robust, and 4) will be the least expensive when Zero E reaches economies of scale. This is a 506(c) offering is for $1.25 million to be raised over six months @ $8/share.  Read More


If you have a Reg A or 506(c) offering you would like us to distribute to our database, please give us a ring or email to:


New Company Profiles
 Myomo, Inc. (MYO)
     Bagger Dave’s Burger Tavern (BDVB)
     Diversified Restaurant Holdings, Inc. (SAUC)
     Enviroleach Tech (EVLLF)
     Spindle, Inc. (SPDL)
     Life Clips, Inc. (LCLP)
   Profire Energy, Inc. (PFIE)

Premium Profiles and Executive Summaries
  New Jersey Mining, Inc.
   ID Watchdog, inc.
   Endurance Explorations Group, Inc.
    Aethlon Medical, Inc.
    Galaxy, Gaming, Inc.

Research Reports and Updates  
Barfresh Food Group, Inc. Research Report 3-27-17
Research Earnings Update 5-18-17

New Jersey Mining Research Report 1-18-17
-Allocation Upgrade 6-19-17
   -Research Earnings Update 4-17-17
ID Wtachdog Research Report 10-13-16
-Acquisition Update 6-19-17
       -Research Update 2-26-17

Social Reality, Inc. (SRAX) Research Report 4-25-17
-Trickle Research Allocation Update 6-7-17


Corporate News Updates
Barfresh Food Group, Inc. (BRFH)
6-12-17 Barfresh to Present at the 17th Annual Oppenheimer Consumer Conference
6-12-17 Barfresh to Present at the 17th Annual Oppenheimer Consumer Conference
5-15-17 Barfresh Food Group's (BRFH) CEO Riccardo Delle Coste on Corporate Update Conference (Transcript)

 Canbiola, Inc. (CANB) fka (WRAP)
6-8-17 Canbiola, Inc. (CANB) Begins National Advertising Initiative
5-30-17 Canbiola, Inc. (CANB) Announces Addition of Smita Ohri M.D. as Medical Advisor, Inc. (CIIX)
6-29-17 CFN Media Interviews CEO Warren Wang
6-28-17, Inc. (CIIX) Set to Launch New Skin Care Line in Q3 2017
6-14-17, Inc. Launches CBD Biotechnology Inc. in British Columbia, Canada, Inc. (CIIX) Announces Engagement of Venture Building Firm Launch Haus, LLC


Endurance Explorations Group, Inc. (EXPL)
Endurance Exploration Group, Inc. (OTCQB: EXPL) Announces an Offering of Up to $3,750,000 (15,000,000 Restricted Shares) of its Common Stock at $0.25 per Share
Endurance Exploration Group, Inc. Locates Second Sunken Shipwreck; Files Admiralty Claim in US Federal Court for Salvage Rights
 EXPL Article “The Deep”
Magnegas, Inc. (MNGA)
6-20-17 MagneGas Expands Industrial Gas & Welding Supply Business Executive Sales Team with Appointment of Senior Supply Chain Industry Executive
6-13-17 MagneGas Awarded a $432,000 USDA Grant to Commercialize Sterilization Technology
6-12-17 MagneGas Announces $25 Million Convertible Preferred Financing

MOBI724 Global Solutions, Inc. (MOBIF)
7-3-17 Marcel Vienneau Early Warning Press Release regarding Mobi724 Global Solutions Inc.
6-30-17 Mobi724 Global Solutions Inc. (CSE: MOS) Final Issuance of Shares Pursuant to Provisions Concerning the Acquisition of the remaining 49% Shares of Mobi724 Solutions Inc. ("Solutions Inc.")
5-31-17 MOBI724 Global Solutions (CSE:MOS)(OTCQB:MOBIF) Q1 financial release - revenues increase by 42% in Q1 2017 versus Q1 2016

New Jersey Mining Company (NJMC)
6-8-17 New Jersey Mining to Expand Golden Chest Open Pit by More than Tenfold
New Jersey Mining Company Provides First Quarter Update on Operations and Corporate Activities
- Trickle Research Earnings Updates 4-17-17
-New Jersey Mining Pursues Pit Expansion at Its Golden Chest Mine

Sanz Solutions, Inc. (Private)
-Miami Lakes, Florida - April 19, 2017 – Sanz Solutions, Inc. (Sanz) announced today it has launched its Regulation A+ Tier II Offering online at


Social Reality, Inc. (SRAX)
6-28-17 SRAX Launches Boosted Facebook Post Tool in SRAX Social
SRAX (NASDAQ: SRAX) Presenting at 18th Annual B. Riley Co. Investor Conference on May 24
Trickle Research Initiates Coverage 4-25-17
5-3-17 SRAX Announces Close of Additional $1.28 Million of Secured Convertible Debentures


True Nature Holding, Inc. (TNTY)
6-1-17 True Nature Holding Notes Progress on New Subsidiary
5-18-17 True Nature Announces Targeted Community Health Initiative



Event Calendar Updates

Great turnout in NY for NIBA conference next one is already on the calendar.

NIBA Conference June 26-27 in New York was a great success. A ton of investors and investment bankers and a terrific lineup of presenting companies.

Here is what they had to say Click Here (left hand column is Presenter News)

Whether your company is seeking capital or to Increase Exposure, national Investment banking Conferences are right for you!


Island Stock Transfer is a Sponsor and we’ll be there. Look for us at the Island Stock Transfer-Proxy and Printing Table.

List of presenting companies at NIBA June-26-17

Alliance Bio-Products, Inc.
Arizona Green Power LLC
Audio Bionics International
Cal Pac Capital
Catch Star Group Inc.
Cipherloc Corporation
Digital Social Retail, Inc.
Endomedix, Inc.
Generali Global Assistance
Giga Entertainment Media Inc.
Great Lakes Graphite (GLK)
GWG Holdings, Inc.
Marivan, Inc.
Mobilogix, Inc.
Mota Group, Inc.
My Size Inc.
Operr Technologies, Inc.
Pacific Century Holdings, Inc.
Patient Access Solutions Inc.
Perfect Point
Portland Development Group Investments, LLC
Profire Energy
RONN Motor Group, Inc.
Tivic Health Systems Inc.
Touchjet USA LLC


Look for an announcement shortly on a Conference in Denver we will be sponsoring. Expected date in September.

Please send me an email if you’re interested.


Go to


July 5, 2017

For today's bulletin, We continue our focus on the auto industry with more big news today from foreign manufacturer VOLVO. We take a look at Volvo AB $VLVLY and provide a link to download a FREE STOCK REPORT on the company

VALUATION: Overvalued stocks now make up 58.72% of our stocks assigned a valuation and 22.22% of those equities are calculated to be overvalued by 20% or more. Thirteen sectors are calculated to be overvalued. 

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VOLVO AB Is a BUY Amidst Volvo Electric Car News

Volvo AB (VLVLY) is a manufacturer of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines. It also develops, manufactures and markets equipment for construction and related industries, including wheel and backhoe loaders, hydraulic wheeled and crawler excavators, articulated and rigid haulers, compactors, pavers, pipe layers, road machinery under the brand names of Volvo, SDLG and Terex Trucks. The Company offers repair and maintenance, lease financing, insurance and financial services. It operates primarily in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and internationally. Volvo AB is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

We continue our focus on the auto industry with more big news today from foreign manufacturer VOLVO. While the Trump Administration continues to focus on coal, oil, and other fossil fuels, Volvo made a stunning announcement today. The company has said that all cars produced under the Volvo name will be partially or completely battery-powered by 2019.

Volvo thus becomes the first major auto manufacturer to announce the complete phase-out of conventional internal combustion engines. Volvo CEO Harkan Samuelsson told the New York Times that “our customers are asking more and more about electric cars [and noted that while the new strategy posed risks,] a much bigger risk would be to stick with internal combustion engines.”

These vehicles will be made in China, where Volvo owner Geely Holdings is based. They will thus be close to ownership's battery-manufacturing plant. The company expects to then shift some manufacturing of the hybrid and electric vehicles to European and US plants.

This news bolsters the idea that electric cars will soon be a mainstay of the market and follows on the recent revelations that Tesla is now larger than Ford or GM in terms of market cap. It remains to be seen if US companies can/will respond here with viable vehicles of their own. So far, Ford, GM, and Fiat Chrysler all lag the efforts of other major manufacturers across the globe.

Trump's stated policies--bring back coal, drill baby drill, etc.--do not provide much government support for manufacturers. In addition, low fuel costs and taxes in the US further support the market for larger, inefficient trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles.

Below is our latest data for Volvo AB (VLVLY):

ValuEngine continues its BUY recommendation on VOLVO AB-B for 2017-07-03. Based on the information we have gathered and our resulting research, we feel that VOLVO AB-B has the probability to OUTPERFORM average market performance for the next year. The company exhibits ATTRACTIVE Sharpe Ratio and Company Size. 

You can download a free copy of detailed report on Volvo AB (VLVLY) from the link below.

ValuEngine Forecast
























Valuation & Rankings



Valuation Rank(?) n/a

1-M Forecast Return


1-M Forecast Return Rank 93

12-M Return


Momentum Rank(?) 91

Sharpe Ratio


Sharpe Ratio Rank(?) 98

5-Y Avg Annual Return


5-Y Avg Annual Rtn Rank 97



Volatility Rank(?) 60

Expected EPS Growth


EPS Growth Rank(?) 40

Market Cap (billions)


Size Rank 96

Trailing P/E Ratio


Trailing P/E Rank(?) 72

Forward P/E Ratio


Forward P/E Ratio Rank 57

PEG Ratio


PEG Ratio Rank 28



Price/Sales Rank(?) 76



Market/Book Rank(?) 34



Beta Rank 26



Alpha Rank 90



DOWNLOAD A FREE SAMPLE OF OUR VOLVO AB (VLVLY) REPORT BY CLICKING HERE is an Independent Research Provider (IRP), producing buy/hold/sell recommendations, target price, and valuations on over 5,000 US and Canadian equities every trading day.
Contact ValuEngine at (800) 381-5576 or  
Visit for more information

ValuEngine Capital Management LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm that trades client accounts using ValuEngine's award-winning stock research.
Contact ValuEngine Capital at
Visit for more information


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