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July 20-17

Endurance Exploration Group, Inc (EXPL)

Announces Shipwreck Recovery to Commence
in August

June 19-17

ID Watchdog, Inc (IDWAF)

Trickle Research Buyout Update

New Jersey Mining

Trickle Research Allocation Upgrade

Social Reality, Inc. (SRAX)

Trickle Research Updates

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May 22-17

Social Reality, Inc. (SRAX)

Trickle Research Updates Research Report

12-24 Month Price target $7.50 Click Here>>

May 19-17
Barfresh Food Group, Inc. (BRFH)

Trickle Research Updates EarningsForecast

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ID Watchdog, Inc (IDWAF)

Trickle Research Earnings Update

Black Swan Newsletter

June 2017

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Our goal with the Black Swan Connection is to provide our subscribers, investors and financial professional compatriots outstanding investment insight that is a step above and outside of what will normally be found in mainstream financial press. To that end we have brought together seasoned, successful, and some of the brightest professionals in their respective fields to provide the articles and advice that is based on decades of practice in the field.

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Weekly Update: July 10th

SMM Update

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July and took the opportunity to thank the veterans and service people in your life for all they do for us.

Also take a minutes to thank God, your lucky stars or whoever you pray to for the good fortune of having been born or somehow ended up in the United States.

I just spent a few days in Guatemala visiting one of my daughters who is an elementary school principal there and we travelled around a bit. According to the World Bank in 2015 approximately 8 million people and growing out of 16 million population are at or below the poverty level of a whopping $1.90 per day in income. Sure some basic foodstuffs and clothing are maybe 50% cheaper than they are in the US, but that for sure doesn’t include gas, appliances and many other things that we take for granted that are the same or more expensive. Anybody here tried to live on say $4.00 a day lately.

Well as you’d expect the housing (sticks with a sheet of tin), sanitary conditions (sewer running down the streets and garbage piled high invested with rats are a common site.

There are no easy fixes and throwing money at it won’t make it go away. 100+ years of rampant political corruption and neglect by politicians and you end up with a very small number of people who are quite wealthy and a huge number of have-nots or better put have-nothings.

Be a great thing if we could transport every American to one of the hundreds of countries where millions live under these conditions. It would be a game changer in terms of attitude.

Again, be humble and thankful…….

SMM Update-

Our new partners on the Social Media side are making headway.  Our social media exposure is already getting traction and a lot of new eyeballs. Look for more from us shortly on our twitter and facebook pages.

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